By participating, you can get a chance to be #instaraided next!

Every day, our algorithm randomly select an account that we'll "raid" on Instagram: we follow them, give them likes, and comment positive things on their pictures. Every participant who uses the #instaraidsubmission on one of the pictures of the currently selected person will have a chance to be selected in the next round.

You can participate even if you don’t want to be “raided”: just follow along and comment positive things with the #instaraid hashtag.

Important: in order to have a chance to be raided, you’ll have to use both #instaraidsubmission AND #instaraid hashtags! You don't have to spam these, just include them in at least one of your comments.

Disclaimer: Our goal is to spread positiveness, but InstaRaid is not an official Instagram movement, nor we are associated with the company whatsoever. We can’t guarantee that if you get selected, everybody will comment positive things.
However, if we detect anyone that harasses people, we ban them permanently from future raids and we’ll report them to Instagram.

Make social media less anxious and brighten someone’s day

This movement is powered by the people, for the people. The more people participate, the more viral the selected person will go. Share it with your friends, family & create something amazing together in these chaotic times.

24 hours cycle

The randomly selected account will be in the “spotlight” for 24 hours. We announce their account on our Instagram page & on this website, where you can get notified and participate in the event. When the 24 hours cycle ends, a new account will have a chance to be in the spotlight.

Participate & get selected

Every day, a new account gets randomly selected from the previous raid's participants who use both #instaraid and #instaraidsubmission hashtags. If you didn’t get selected, don’t worry, you can participate in the next ones and have a chance to be “raided”.

A fun movement

Our goal with this movement is to shake things up a bit, help little accounts to feel like they are famous (at least for a day), and brighten their day. Even if you don’t want to be selected, you can follow along with us, spread happiness, and join a unique movement.